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U 2014. godini proširili smo ponudu i na sektor rasvjete. Francuski proizvođač K5600 bio je naš odabir. Laganija i kompaktnija rasvjetna tijela nove generacije fresnela, ubrzati će i pojednostaviti Vaš posao.

Alphas range Avantages and performances:

Because of the new flat reflector, K5600 has reduce the distance between Fresnel lens and bounced light emitted by bulb. In consequence:

- the flood beam is wider of any other Fresnel.

- the volume of the housing has been reduced by 1/3 size and weight compare to traditional Fresnel.

- the units are able to light straight down for hours, because reflector is flat and do not keep in the heat.
Bulb are in colder state in that case.
Reflector will not suffer of the heat because it can resist up to 1200 Celsius degree.

K5600 has design the unit to be a versatile gear.
Fresnel lens is removable from the front of the unit, leaving a ceramic clear glass always on. As a consequence:

- Alphas can be transformed in a wide open face light, producing one single sharp shadow and an heaven wide light ( 1/8 stop difference from center to border and 110* wide beam)

- because of the wide beam in flood position without fresnel lens, Alphas can be used into shallower chimera light banks saving space on location: Octaplus, shallow light banks until now dedicated to small lights.

- because wide beam means more bounced light into the light bank, Alphas have more output in a chimera than any other traditional Fresnel.

- Alphas can be used into space light ( K5600 provide space light for 4/2,5 and 6/9kW Alphas)